We're now powered by the latest Figma Config 2023 features such as Design Variables, Layout Wrap and more!

It's time to supercharge your
Design Workflow.

Design Agencies and Creatives - use powerful components to design all kind of responsive interfaces in Figma in minutes - from websites to dashboards to mobile apps and beyond!
Let's get down to details

Welcome to a new world of Figma design

We know there's always something different to design - that's why you can now design any responsive interface you want in a matter minutes. Truly.

Advanced Components

Our advanced components as well as customizable style variables are the backbone of our advanced Design System. 

Design Website Layouts

Spend less time on repetitive tasks with hundreds of components, blocks and predesigned pages for website design.

Design Web Applications

Everything from versatile styles, customization options and hundreds of pre-designed pages at your fingertips.

Design E-Commerce Websites

Design responsive e-commerce websites easily with our dedicated e-commerce components, blocks and pages.

Design Mobile Apps

We wanted to make interface design so easy that even mobile application design is a breeze by means of customization options.

Conceptualize with Wireframes

Each component, block or page has been designed in a high-fidelity wireframe state too, letting you start with concepts first.
Style as you please

Advanced Styling and
Versatile Components

Advanced styling options for elements, typography, and everything in between. Make design your superpower with our design system’s
advanced components.


Premade style variables for editing just about anything.


Editable components across all page and block designs.


Hundreds of pre-made blocks to suit any design need.
Switch from light to dark in a click

Light and Dark Themes

It wouldn't be possible to be the most advanced Figma Design System out there if we didn't cover all possible design needs - that's we every interface comes in 2 themes, a Light and a Dark one. Switch in a click.

One Click

Switch from light to dark and back in just one click.


All components and sections are adapted for both styles.


Matching grids, and variables for both styles.
Custom Icon Set Included

3,250+ Custom Icons

There's a reason why our design system is so advanced. We've designed 5,000+ custom icons across 3 different styles which come as a part of the design system. From now, no more need to look for yet another icon set.


Our icons come as fully vectorized & editable glyphs.

3 Styles

Choose between Solid, Outline and Duotone icons.


More than two dozen cateogires of icons to pick from.
Core Features

A quick glance over our features

Spend less time on repetitive tasks and work more on the creative aspects of your craft.


We've made use of the latest Figma features, including 4.0 Autolayout and variable styles.


Built in a way that makes the process of designing any interface a breeze.


Have a headstart with Premade templates, page designs and customization options.


Our design system is accessible for everyone regardless of skill level - Novice or Pro.


A block-based system that creates cohesion and connection throughout the interface.


Well-documented all the way which makes it easy to learn, practice and use.


Although highly diverse, our strict grid & style rules make our designs extremely consistent.


Thousands of customization options and various styling and structuring options.
How it's built

LookScout is more than just a
Design System.

Our design system covers everything from the ground up. From styles to components and premade blocks and pages - try it and see it for yourself.
Our Testimonials

A word from our customers

Here's what other designers & developers have to say about working with our design system.
From the first seconds of working with the Design System, I immediately got that I am working with a tool that lets me produce outstanding designs much faster than before.
Pavel Crescenco
Senior Designer @King
Working with digital interfaces has never been easier for me. Everything from customization options, components and auto-layout is just incredible!
Milda Sate
UI/UX Designer @Internxt
As a front-end developer with minimal design skill, it’s been a breeze working with the Lookscout Design System. I was able to set it up and end up with a final design in minutes!
Daniel Alexander
Front-End Developer @Cognizant
I’ve never encountered a Design System as large, detailed and advanced as Lookscout. It’s an enormous help with my UI work and I use it on a regular basis.
Bojan Janjanin
UI/UX Designer @Toptal
LookScout has already saved me enormous time when producing both low and high-fidelity prototypes. Now I can focus on the functionality I am creating, not building it within Figma.
Paul Boag
UX Designer @ Boagworld
Lookscout’s Design System completely overhauled my workflow. It’s never been as easy to put together complex digital interfaces as it is now.
Alex Foigelman
Art Director @Digitalcasa

Our Pricing Plans

Straightforward pricing plans that let you choose between the most suitable plan for you.
Our Plans

Starter (1 User License)

A quick way to get accustomedto the Professional version.
License for up to 1 user
Use on unlimited projects
Fully responsive designs
Light & Dark Themes (limited)
175+ Premade Designs
1,250+ Custom Icons
Limited Wireframes
Preview the Free Version
Try the Free Version

Professional (1 User License)

The full-blown plan covering absolutely everything. Truly.
License for up to 1 user
Use on unlimited projects
Fully responsive designs
Light & Dark Themes
950+ Premade Designs
3,250+ Custom Icons
High Fidelity Wireframes
Preview in Figma
Get the Design System

Team (Up to 5 Users)

Everything included "Professional" with a license for up to 5 users.
License for up to 5 users
Use on unlimited projects
Fully responsive designs
Light & Dark Themes
950+  Premade Designs
3,250+ Custom Icons
High Fidelity Wireframes
Preview in Figma
Get the Design System
Our FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Can I Use it for Commercial Purposes?
Absolutely! Feel free to use whatever you create with the design system in your personal or client projects. We do prohibit the use of the Design System in files that are meant to be further resold (themes, digital goods, plugins, templates etc).

Using the design system for your team or studio? Be sure to grab the "Team" license!
Why is LookScout's Design System better?
We cater to all of your possible needs. From a low and high-fidelity wireframe kit, 5000+ custom icons and obviously - the design system itself, we made sure that our product is top of the game.
Is Lookscout affiliated with Figma?
Not particularly. The design system was built in Figma, for Figma, but is not directly affiliated with Figma Inc.
Is your Design System Documented?
Absolutely. Our design system comes with detailed documentation for both overall uses-cases and general use, as well as specific documentation for individual elements and components.
Why do I need a Design System?
Design systems vary greatly in how complex and advanced they are. We've put together a design system that is both extremely easy to use but very advanced, a helpful tool in any design project!
Do you offer a free version?
Most definitely! We've got a free version of our design system which you can try out. Give it a shot!
Are you using the latest Figma features?
Absolutely! Since our design system was released in 2023, it includes all of the features supported and released by Figma so far! Furthermore, we're also completely compatible with Figma's Config June 2023 release (Variables, updated Autolayout and more).
What if I have a different question?
No problem! Be sure to reach out to us at hello@lookscout.com or via our Contact Us page and we'll be happy to assist!

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