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Figma Design Systems have been around for a while.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Can I Use it for Commercial Purposes?
Absolutely! Feel free to use whatever you create with the design system in your personal commercial projects.

Using the design system for your team or studio? Be sure to grab the "Team" license!
Why is LookScout's Design System better?
We cater to all of your possible needs. From a low and high-fidelity wireframe kit, 5000+ custom icons and obviously - the design system itself, we made sure that our product is top of the game.
Is Lookscout affiliated with Figma?
Not particularly. The design system miwas built in Figma, for Figma, but is not directly affiliated with Figma Inc.
Why do I need a Design System?
Design systems vary greatly in how complex and advanced they are. We've put together a design system that is both extremely easy to use but very advanced, a helpful tool in any design project!
Do you offer a free version?
Most definitely! We've got a free version of our design system which you can try out. Give it a shot!
Are you using the latest Figma features?
Absolutely! Since our design system was released in 2023, it includes all of the features supported and released by Figma so far!

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We say it like we mean it. Advanced functionality, plenty of designs,
unseen versatility. Isn't that just lovely?